Stream Team Studios

Providing live stream production and project management for your next event.

Event Producers, Designers, Project Managers

With over 40 years of combined audiovisual and production experience, meet the founders Aaron Davis, Victoria Barela, and Stewart Dixon.

These creative technologists support meaningful connections of live events and storytelling through the use of their specialized skillsets. By joining forces with the leading partners of live event production, immersive design, experiential technology, audio engineers, lighting designers, and technology enthusiasts, Stream Team Studios brings together a set of amazing, dedicated hands in order to bring their clients' concepts to life from start to finish.

Live Stream and Hybrid Event Production

Stream Team Studios offers clients technical production services, creative support and development, project management, and a chance for their vision to come to life using innovative technology solutions.

Whether is be a concert, service, corporate meeting, or meaningful event, Stream Team Studios provides both live streaming and broadcasting capabilities while archiving footage for post-production use.

"We've been in the shoes of the client, their audience, and the technicians that make the magic happen. We understand how to connect the dots between idea and experience."

Represent Thought Leaders, Both Known & Unknown

Born from the Covid-19 pandemic, Stream Team Studios’ mission is to find the best solutions for their clients to tell their stories, show their hearts, and share their lives through audiovisual event technologies.

The Stream Team strives to capture clients’ unique messages for viewers and participants through live streamed events, educational and informative Q&A sessions with thought leaders both known and unknown, and event design for both powerful virtual and in-person events.

Our team is committed to telling the stories of people from under-represented groups, broadcasting their voices in a way that cuts through the crowded online space.